TFX 041

The Winnebago of Love

Much like the highly praised FansProject City Commander before it, the TFX-04 Protector add on kit is armor to update a classics transformer toy, this time Rodimus.

Stated to come out around December 2010, along with its targetmaster Sidearm, it is heavily anticipated, though often compared to the officially released "Masterpiece Rodimus Prime" coming out around the same time.

A version called TFX-04B Shadow Scythe will also be released around the same time for the Shattered Glass Rodimus with an extra weapon, shockingly, a Scythe. A CHAIN Scythe. It should also work with Gentei! Wildrider, for the three people that have him.

No word yet on a Blue version for the upcoming Timelines Sideburn. Although it would be freaking sweet.

Shadow color

Why so limited?