thumb|right|300px|Shockingly not starring Ringo Starr as Mr. Conductor. The knight morpher commander, or choo choo optimus prime, is a train that turns into a robot resembling optimus prime.

The back section of the choo choo disconnects from the front, and opens up in a pleasant G1 sense to reveal a steam cannon. The front section becomes the robot, and comes with a knight's helmet design for the head, as well as a shield and lance.

also of note, is that this toy comes with two sets of fists, but the second set is stored in such a way underneath the trailer as to snap and break before you take it out of the box. Also, the tabs that lock the shoulders in place for Robot mode are made of fragile, clear plastic, and very prone to snapping off, rather than securing. BEWARE

This toy is designed in homage of the "Transformers: Hearts of Steel" comic book series.