thumb|right|300px|Nope, that's G3. It won't download your apps.When "FansProject" announced thier plans to make a trailer add-on for Optimus Prime, many fans were worried that it would be an expensive empty box. Boy, were they surprised.

The Trailer comes with many gimmicks, and here they are

  • The trailer opens with two doors and an extending ramp
  • The trailer has a fold out transforming section to carry the "City Commander" as well.
  • The trailer opens up to make a makeshift base mode.
  • The makeshift base mode has a "Rollar" and a repair bay.
  • The repair bay can transform into a gun platform with stumps designed for optimus prime to operate it.
  • When a trigger is pulled, "Rollar" is launched from underneath the repair bay, and shot across the trailer and out past the ramp.
  • The insides of the trailer are filled on both sides with chromed weaponry for other classics autobots, however these weapons must be clipped out like a model kit.
  • The entire trailer can be lifted on its side and turned into a "repair bay"
  • The entire trailer has fold out mirrors to give it the semblance of being invisible. It doesn't work, but its a neat concept nonetheless.
  • The box it comes in has a special section to keep an Optimus Prime in, though PLEASE NOTE, it does not come with an Optimus Prime toy itself.
  • It has its own STICKERS!
  • There are "Reprolabels" available to make this look even more GEEWUN.

How much would you pay for it now?