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CyberFemBot A.R.C. is a third party toy based on Arcee that was produced by Hal Zucati of Rabid Squirrel Productions. Previously never released in any official toy form at the time, A.R.C. was arguably the first Arcee toy ever made in any relatively large quantity. The toy was produced in several colors, including Arcee's original colors, and was available both assembled and unassembled. It has a transforming head that resembled Daniel Witwicky's exosuit, a feature which distinguishes it from other third party Arcee toys.

A.R.C. transforms from pink and white robot to pink and white convertible and back.


  • 2 Guns
  • Transforming head
  • Ball Bearing Wheels
  • Rubber Tire tread
  • Hand-assmebled and fitted

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